Every Child has right to quality education

Access to quality education is a fundamental right for children, but unfortunately, many face barriers.

Globally over, 600 million children struggle to reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and other subjects, even when attending school. Poverty, political instability, conflict, and natural disasters often disrupt education. Girls and children with disabilities also encounter limited opportunities. Inadequate infrastructure, lack of trained teachers, and a growing digital divide further exacerbate the problem. Without quality education, children face challenges in employment and health outcomes, impacting their ability to shape a better future.

Education is vital in breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger for it provides the groundwork for sustained economic growth and poverty alleviation. By enabling children in marginalized areas to escape extreme poverty, education empowers individuals to support themselves and their families with dignity.

AISS believes that every child deserves an opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background or family income. To achieve this, AGriSS support educational programs that enhance the attainment and aspirations of children from informal settlements with initiatives like supporting informal / cattle camps schools, provision of scholarships, enabling easy access to scholastic materials such as writing books, text books, uniforms, solar lights, and technology that are essential for education.

Education is a fundamental human right, and AGriSS strives to to provide quality learning opportunities for the vulnerable and in need children and adolescents by focusing on:

  1. Equitable Access: We strive for inclusive education and skills development, reaching children regardless of gender, disability, poverty, ethnicity, or language.
  2. Quality Learning: Our work centers on student outcomes, ensuring they acquire essential knowledge and skills. This involves safe environments, qualified teachers, and monitoring educational progress.
  3. Education in Emergencies: Children affected by conflict, natural disasters, or displacement urgently need educational support. AGriSS plays a vital role in humanitarian responses, collaborating with partners and government entities.
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